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About Licht:

  • The name “Licht,” pronounced as “lisht,” is German for the word “light.”Licht Industrial Corporation is headed by its president, Mr. Aaron Lao. It was on the early months of 2015 when he envisioned the expansion of his other business which needed a much bigger space and a new look. As he was sourcing quality and economical materials abroad for his plastic recycling plant, he was able to make connections with Taiwan’s leading LED Light-manufacturers in the industry. With the full support of the Taiwan counterparts, his enthusiasm with the LED technology prompted him to start this new business enterprise. Licht Industrial Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned company which started in August of 2015. It is focused on the industrial sector with specialized LED lights ranging from food-processing lighting applications to airport and stadium high-powered mast floodlights. In 2016, our company also entered into the power generating sector through importation and distribution of customised brand new Licht Generator sets. We cater to the different needs of our clients by using European or Japan parts and engines.



  • To be the leader in Industrial LED Lighting Solutions provider in the country.
  • To provide quality generators in the commercial and industrial sector in the country.


  • To provide quality products for its clients.
  • To provide excellent after-sales service.
  • To mark a good name for the benefit of the company and all its stakeholders.